• Missed Abortion

    A missed abortion is a pregnancy that is not viable and has remained in the uterus. Most patients have no symptoms besides lack of their menstrual cycle or they may have light vaginal bleeding or brown discharge. Some patients experience a disappearance of early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and

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  • Molar Pregnancy

    A molar pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy that is caused by abnormal growth of trophoblasts, the cells that form the placenta. It has an excess of genes from the father compared to the mother. They are classified as complete or incomplete. Complete moles have genes from the father only while incomplete

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  • Spontaneous Abortion

    A spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, is defined as loss of a fetus weighing less than 500 grams or less than 20 weeks gestational age. Spontaneous abortions affect 10 to 20 % of pregnancies and the vast majority occur in the first trimester. Patients often present with vaginal bleeding and abdominal

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  • Threatened Abortion

    When a pregnant patient experiences vaginal bleeding before 20 weeks gestational age without cervical dilation, this is called a threatened abortion. Many women who experience a threatened abortion go on to deliver a healthy baby. However, the patient is at higher risk for a pregnancy loss. Disclaimer:

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